Specialty chemicals suppliers for aircraft production, maintenance and more

Aerospace Industry


Turbine and Piston engine oils

Hydraulic Fluids

Gear boxes, transmission, instruments and weapon oils


Aircraft fuel additives


Surface Preparation

Surface Cleaners and Degreasers

Paint and Sealant Removers

Adhesion Promoters

Water Displacing Agents

Corrosion Protection

Surface Preparation

Non-Destructive Testing

Penetrant Testing Mediums

Magnetic Testing Inks

Test Panels and Accessories

Measuring Devices and Calibration

UV Lighting Equipment

Non-Destructive Testing

Surface Treatment

Surface Deoxidizers

Surface Conversion Solutions

Maskants for Chemical Milling

Temporary Protection Coatings

Tank and Spray Cleaning

Surface Treatment

Specialty Coatings

Anticorrosion Coatings

High Temperature Coatings

Conductive Coatings

Primers and Wash Primers

Paint Equipment Cleaners

Specialty Coatings

Cabin Maintenance

Cabin Interior Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories

Mist Generators

Cabin Maintenance

Military Industry

Military Aircrafts
Tanks & Artillery Systems
Military Ships

Air, Sea and Land Systems applications

We supply from Coatings to Surface Preparation, Cleaners and Lubricants for each specific category


Power Plants
General Industry

Non-Destructive Testing

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing Consumables

Red Dye & Fluorescent Penetrants



Cleaners / Degreasers

Reference Panels

Magnetic Particles Testing

Magnetic Testing

Colored and Fluorescent Inks

Magnetic Powders

White Contrast Paint

Carrier Liquids and Cleaners

Electromagnets and Accessories

Magnetic Field Measuring Devices

Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment

UV-A Light lamps

White & Mixed Lights

Actinic Blue Lights

Lightning Accessories

Light Measuring Devices

Calibration Services for Devices

About Us

  • Distribution
    Established in 2004, we have a wide range of expertise in the distribution of specialty chemicals
    We are distributors in Romania for NYCO lubricants, Socomore, Sherwin, Babbco, Spectroline and Eurosteam products.
  • Facilities & Management
    We hold ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
    We are authorized supplier by Civil Aviation Authority for Aerospace Market according to RACR-DPA Certification
    We have 3000 Cubic meters of storage space, located in Crevedia, near Bucharest
About Us
  • Nyco
  • Socomore
  • Sherwin-BabbCo
  • Eurosteam
  • Spectro-UV
  • Spectroline
  • Carmelec
  • Hydraunycoil
  • Turbonycoil
  • Nycolube
  • Nyco Grease
  • Nycoprotec
  • Nycosol
  • Nycodiel
  • Diestone
  • Socostrip
  • Hyso
  • Synclair
  • Wadis
  • Sococlean
  • Socosurf
  • Socopac
  • Socogel